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Containerised Termites

Imagine planning a holiday and coming back to find all your stored away furniture and precious items eaten by termites. 

A family in Brisbane decided to go on holiday and rented out there home. To cut costs of storing there possessions they bought a container and stored it on their property. However when they came home they found that termites had made there way into the container and had ate most of there buy clopidogrel online furniture. Due to a whole in the ceiling of the container water droplets came through the ceiling and made the container a perfect environment to breed termites. To prevent damage to your things whilst your on holidays, its very important to store good properly. If you decide to use a container we recommend a ‘pre-treatment’ to prevent against infestations of termites, rodents and cockroaches.

Subterranean termites | life cycle

Subterranean termites usually live in the ground and need contact with the soil or some constant source of moisture. They move above ground in enclosed mud galleries to infest houses and other buildings. About 10 native species damage timber-in-service in Queensland.
The most damaging buy plavix 75 mg online species are Coptotermes acinaciformis and Schedorhinotermes species (active throughout Queensland) and Mastotermes darwiniensis (confined to tropical northern Queensland and other areas of northern Australia). Read more on the QLD Government Website

Subterranean termite life cycle.


World’s worst termite on the Gold Coast | The Australian

Termites on the rise in the Gold Coast
Watch out for Mastotermes darwiniensis … It’s bigger, more aggressive and has a far greater appetite than any other termite species.

Contact your Pest King technician plavix online today for a termite inspection to protect your home and business from potential damage, stress and financial burden.

World’s worst termite heads south to Gold Coast region | The Australian.