Mosquito misting treatment Gold Coast

Ross River Virus Gold Coast Outbreak

What is Ross River Virus

Ross River virus (sometimes called epidemic polyarthritis) is a disease caused by a virus which is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito.

We are at higher risk from February to May as mosquitos are more prevalent. Everybody who becomes infected with Ross River virus will recover, however, the time taken to recover fully is prolonged in some people.


The best prevention is to take precautions against being bitten by mosquitos:

  • avoid being outside during times of heavy infestation of mosquitoes eg. early generic plavix clopidogrel evenings in the warmer months
  • use insect repellents and wear protective, light coloured clothing
  • screen living and sleeping areas
  • check your home regularly for potential mosquito breeding areas eg. any uncovered water containers should be emptied regularly.


Mosquito eradication sprays are the most effective way to control spread of Ross River virus by eliminating mosquito’s. Contact Pest King today for protection against this nasty virus.

For more information refer to the QLD Government website.


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