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9 Ways to keep your Pet Safe from Ticks

Pets are vulnerable to tick borne illnesses including: lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and others.

Pest King recommends taking the following 9 steps to minimise your pet’s risk of exposure to these nasty pests.

1. Use spot on or oral medications for the careful control of ticks.
2. Keep your pet healthy and clean: Ticks are more attracted to pets with poor immune systems and a dirty coat.
3. Bathe your pet with a medicated shampoo: These can be highly effective to keep your pet tick free.
4. Keep your lawn clean and mowed:Ticks like cold and damp areas, so after rain be sure to trim your lawn.
5. Catch ticks before they get to your pets: After outdoor play check your pets for ticks.
6. Keep your pets indoors as much as possible:The best way is to limit possible contact hours with ticks. So an indoor pet will be less likely to suffer from Ticks.
7. Purchase a tick collar:Make sure to follow the instructions and fix it to your pet properly.
8. Consider vaccinating your pet:Vaccines are available to prevent Lyme disease, which will reduce the chance of your pet contracting lymes disease.
9. Contact Pest King for a Tick treatment:Always asks your pest technician about the most appropriate tick treatment for you and your pet.

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