Bed Bug Treatment Gold Coast

Do you have Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs are highly prevalent on the Gold Coast, they are nocturnal creatures, which can make them hard to find. They often lodge unnoticed in dark crevices, and eggs can be nestled in fabric seams. Aside from bite symptoms, signs include fecal spots, blood smears on sheets, and molts. Bed bugs can be found singly, but often congregate once established. They usually remain close to hosts, commonly in or near beds or couches.
Usually found in; luggage, vehicles, furniture and bedside clutter. Bed bugs may also nest near animals that live within a dwelling, such as bats, birds, or rodents. The eggs of bed bugs are found in similar places where the bed bugs themselves are found, and are attached to surfaces by a sticky substance. Attractant generic plavix online devices for detection use heat and/or carbon dioxide.


Eradication of bed bugs frequently requires a combination of pesticide and non-pesticide approaches. Pesticides that have historically been found to be effective include: pyrethroids, dichlorvos and malathion. Resistance to pesticides has increased significantly over time and negative health effects from their use are of concern. Mechanical approaches, such as vacuuming up the insects and heat treating or wrapping mattresses, have been recommended which we use where possible.

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