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Flea Bites. Flea Treatment Gold Coast

Flea bites

What do flea bites look like?
Given their small size, flea plavix 75 mg tablet bites often appear as tiny red spots on the skin. It is often difficult to identify fleas by looking at the bites.  Other factors, which may help to identify your insect problem.

Where to find bites? – Look for tiny dark spots, surrounded by a reddened area. The reddened area has a smaller inflammed area than other insects.

Where do bites occur? – Common areas to receive flea bites are on feet or lower legs.

Immediate awareness – A flea bite is usually felt immediately. A flea often bites two or three times in the same area.

No pain just itchy – The bite doesnt hurt its the itchy side effect from the bite that is the main effect.

Who is at risk? – Infants are at a higher risk from being bitten by fleas as they are usually playing on the floor and on the carpet. Kids also tend to be more sensitive than adults to being bitten.

Who is at risk? – People that own pets.